Looking to buy a HoodE but not sure which style to start with? 

The Mountain HoodE is swiftly designed to fit over your helmet with two adjustable cords that connect to the face panel and the hood so it can fit your personal preference whether that is over your helmet or your favorite hat for those cold, frigid days on and off the mountain. This HoodE is best fit all your cold outdoor adventures. If you're just looking for a fun and light piece to complete your on or off the hill outfit, check out our four faux fur styles!
The Lifestyle HoodE
Meet your new favorite everyday accessory, the Lifestyle HoodE. Because it is creatively made to serve as your fashionable, cowl neck, scarf, and hood, this piece delivers the functionality you need and is the cutest piece you’ll wear this season. Finished with an adjustable leather cord, metal tips, and a leather logo tag, the Lifestyle HoodE completes every fall or winter outfit. The Lifestyle HoodE is perfect for dog walking, campus cruising, commuting, and snuggling by the fireplace!