We care.


We hope you will join us in doing our research, in reflecting on our beliefs and on our actions and in constantly improving our listening skills. We know change won’t happen over night, or without lots of work. We are here to do this work, to do more than think and talk about equality, but help make change. Our team is working to figure out how to best move forward as an actively anti-racist company and welcome any suggestions or recommendations.

Hate against Asian American Pacific Islander Communities: 

"Anti-Asian violence is on the rise. Here are some ways you can help Asian Americans" Vox News From donations to bystander trainings, a list of organizations that advocate for Asian Americans compiled by Vox News. Report a hate incident, explore reports and latest news compiled by the organization and find resources to take action against acts of hate towards Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. 

Collections of Resources:

ACLU Guidelines The organization shares information about how to write compelling and effective letters to your elected officials. This is an extensive, and constantly updated, list of ways to take action to demand racial equality and justice as an ally. 

"March, Give Money, Give Time: A Continually Updated List of Resources for Supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement", This list of continually updated resources divides resources into categories such as “Mental Health Resources” and “Defund and rethink policing” 

”Resources to understand America’s long history of injustice and inequality,” The Washington Post A comprehensive and well researched collection of information and resources to inform yourself about a handful of specific topics within American racial inequality. You’ll find a great podcast about why Americans down learn about Tulsa or Juneteenth, a really interesting article called “How the Black Lives Matter movement went mainstream” and so much more. 

Some Specific Organizations: 

Equal Justice Initiative includes information about the history and current projects relating to Racial Justice, Prison Reform and Public Education that are being tackled by the organization which is working to end mass incarceration, is demanding racial and economic justice and is fighting for basic human rights, led by Bryan Stevenson. 

"Resources", and "Donation Page" Donate to the organization leading the fight for racial equality and justice in America and beyond. From the same organization is a list of resources for everybody ranging from organizers to allies guiding internal reflection, community healing and more.

The Marshall Project Learn about the organization’s work educating readers about the criminal justice system in America through well written stories that expose specific issues and go in depth on topics that are often overlooked. 

Organizations and Resources Focusing on Diversity in the Outdoors:

"Diversity in the Great Outdoors: Is Everyone Welcome in America’s Parks and Public" Read information and explore data about the lack of racial diversity in the outdoors and learn about some of the biggest barriers to participation in outdoor recreation. 

"15 Organizations Advancing Diversity Outdoors" A great collection of organizations working to advance diversity in the outdoors compiled by Some of the organizations are Youth Outside, Greening Youth Foundation and Soul Trak Outdoors each of which work in various geographic areas to connect communities of color with outdoor spaces, some of them are specifically focused on youth. 

“These Orgs Could Use Your Help to Bring More Diversity to the Outdoors” Adventure Journal A great collection of organizations (and information about each of them) like Outdoor Afro, Melanin Basecamp and National Brotherhood of Skiers