Meet the Mission

At Overeasy, our mission is to warm heads, hearts, and hands by providing you with cozy hoods made by the hard-working hands of American women. We equip you for your favorite outdoor activity or your morning commute. Overeasy also strives to give back to our community. Only 2% of clothing is made domestically, and we aim to be part of the movement to change that. We are proud that all Overeasy HoodEs are produced at home in America.

Meet the Reason

Overeasy was born from a combination of wintry days on Vermont ski slopes and a knack for hands-on projects. First created by two skiers who believe in functional fashion, the HoodE was the cozy solution to staying warm on the mountain. It wasn't long before our customers began wearing Overeasys on their commutes, across campus, and around town for everyday wear. Determined to stay true to the Overeasy roots and inspired by the HoodEs multi-purpose use, we are excited to make the Mountain and the Lifestyle. Once you put one on, you won't want to take it off - trust us!

Meet the Team


 Eva loves to backcountry ski, mountain bike, sew, afternoon nap, teach yoga, and desert camp.


Linley loves to listen to music, get outside with friends, drink hot cocoa and chase her baby cousin Eva down the ski slopes.